Equipos de demolición

ITR Demolition Equipment is made of STRENX steel - which is highly elastic and able to absorb the tension generated by the hydraulic cylinder - and HARDOX steel, highly abrasion-resistant and able to protect all the parts in direct contact with the material being demolished. 
The Equipment's main features are:
  • The innovative PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) system protects the equipment from high-pressure peaks by discharging the excess oil straight into the tank.
  • Speed valves are available on certain models and improve the extension performance of the cylinder when not under load.
  • The hydraulic cylinders are installed in the «reversed» position so as to protect the rod from accidental impact during the demolition work. 
  • A built-in hydraulic circuit enables the crusher to turn continuously through 360° in both directions, allowing the jaws to be rapidly, accurately and efficiently positioned in any working condition. 
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