Portable hydraulic press

Undercarriage - 16/03/2021

Portable hydraulic press:
faster and safer intervention on track chains

One of the main requirements in the earth moving machine sector is being able to carry out maintenance and repairs on site quickly and safely. To achieve this you need powerful, versatile equipment that requires the minimum physical effort by operators. 

Portable hydraulic presses are the ideal tools for conducting the most common track maintenance operations on site. Portable presses facilitate insertion and removal of the link pins that connect the chain sections already assembled or requiring assembly. They are preferable to manual intervention on small to medium sized tracked vehicles because they speed up the work and reduce risks to operators.

ITR Portable hydraulic presses

The ITR press system consists of a portable press unit with hydraulic piston capable of developing a nominal maximum pressure of 100 tons, and a drive unit which can be:

  • a manual pump;
  • asingle-phase 230 V or three-phase 400 V electric drive unit.

Together with the presses, ITR USCO have designed special equipment kits suited to specific chain types. The currently available range includes all the main tracked machine models on the market, with chain pitches from 140 mm up to 215 mm. A quick coupling is also provided on the end of the drive spindle for fast equipment change over.

ITR Portable hydraulic press with manual pump (TOPR100M)

ITR pressa idraulica portatile manuale ITR pressa idraulica portatile manuale

The manual pump drive system does not need any external energy supplies. This makes it ideal when electrical connections are problematic or impossible. The manual pump has two pressure stages with automatic switching from first to second, and is equipped with:

  • a maximum pressure valve ;     
  • a valve with 3 position lever;    
  • 4 way distribution and pressure gauge.

ITR USCO also provide two high pressure hoses with quick couplings for connection to the portable press.

ITR Portable hydraulic press with electrical unit (TOPR100E)

ITR pressa idraulica portatile elettrica

Operation with an electrical unit is even easier and quicker, but requires an external electrical supply, which can also be delivered from a small generator. It has an electrically controlled pump providing two pressure stages with automatic switching from first to second, and it is equipped with:

  • a 4 way manual distributor with 3 position lever and pressure gauge;
  • an internal safety valve, factory calibrated for the maximum operating pressure;
  • an external valve adjustable to all intermediate pressures, as required in the conditions of use.

The electrical pump can run continuously or intermittently as required. ITR USCO also provide two high pressure hoses with quick couplings for connection to the portable press.

Do you want faster and safer track fitting and removal operations?

Contact us to learn more about our portable presses with manual pumps or electrical units: the ideal device for on-site intervention, saving time, reducing risks, and less effort for the operator.

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