Bogie pins: how to recognise signs of wear and tear for timely replacement

Repair parts - 19/07/2023

Bogie pins, also known as main or pivot pins, play a critical role in the earth-moving industry as they maintain vehicles’ stability, control, and overall safety.

Regular inspections, timely replacement, and compliance with maintenance sheets help prevent accidents, reduce downtime, and optimise performance.

Bogie pins are hardened steel pins inserted through bushes or bearings that connect the carriage or bridge assemblyto the frame’s structure in various vehicles. They serve as pivotal rotation points, enabling oscillation and facilitating smooth, stable and controlled movement.

Like every mechanical component, bogie pins are subject to wear due to the continuous stress and load they have to withstand. That’s why regular inspection is essential to identify wear, play, and breaks.

Preventive maintenance and main signs of wear and tear 

Visually inspecting the pins on a regular basis allows you to detect wear, cracks or damage. Pay attention to the following signs that may indicate the need to replace the pin:

  • excessive play or loss of rigidity in the carriage assembly may indicate a damaged or excessively worn bogie pin. Neglecting these signs can result in more severe consequences, such as a potential carriage breakage leading to extended downtime;

  • unusual noises (e.g. creaks or hisses), especially on rough terrain, may indicate worn carriage pins or poor lubrication. Facing these problems promptly can prevent further damage and potential failures;

  • irregular or abnormal track wear often indicates misaligned carriages, which may be caused by worn pins.

If you notice any of these issues, contact your workshop for a thorough evaluation and potential replacement.

The crucial role of timely replacement

Preventive maintenance is key to preventing bogie pins from breaking. However, they must be promptly replaced at the end of their lifespan or when they show signs of significant wear. Postponing this operation may lead to severe consequences, such as:

  • increased risks of accidents and loss of the vehicle’s control (worst-case scenario);

  • damage to other suspension components, like bushes and bearings;

  • higher maintenance costs due to damage and subsequent repairs;

  • vehicle downtime and potential loss of earnings.

Preserve the vehicle’s safety and reliability by replacing bogie pins based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and whenever you detect signs of wear and damage.

ITR bogie pins: test-verified excellence

ITR pins are designed and manufactured at our Modena facilities. 

testing centre was set up in 2019 to increase the bogie pins’ quality and reliability by simulating the stress of an actual vehicle where the ITR pins undergo the most varied conditions. These tests consist in applying a radial thrust and continuous oscillation to the carriage pin, stressing the components just as if they were in the field under working conditions.

Want to learn more about ITR bogie pins? Fill out the form below. We will be happy to give you the information you need. 

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