Characteristics and advantages of rubber shoes and pads for tracked vehicles

Undercarriage - 15/06/2022

Rubber shoes and pads are designed to improve the traction and stability of tracked vehicles on all types of terrain, especially hard finished and abrasive surfaces, reducing noise and vibration.

In order to satisfy the various needs and applications, ITR provide rubber pads with Bolt-on and Clip-on technologies, as well as rubber and polyurethane shoes of Standard and Road-Liner types.

To avoid damaging finished surfaces when working on concrete, tarmac, or paved roads it is advisable to equip steel tracked excavators with rubber pads or shoes. Practical and adaptable to most tracked vehicles on the market, they enhance performance and reduce noise, avoiding wear on the track components and damage to the transit surfaces. They also provide improved traction and stability on hard surfaces that can cause machines to slip during digging and lifting operations.


Before considering the various types of rubber pads, we will first look in detail at their general characteristics and the many advantages they offer.


The general characteristics of rubber shoes and pads

Each type of rubber accessory has its own qualities and satisfies different work requirements. However, there are general characteristics that make these products valuable additions for all steel tracked vehicles.

Firstly, pads are easy to fit and remove even on site, especially the clip-on versions, which we will describe later. This enables rapid transition from work on surfaces suited to steel tracks to more delicate surfaces that require more protection or traction. 

They are made from special reinforced, hard-wearing rubber compounds, ensuring high strength andextended operating life. Whatever fixing method or composition is chosen, rubber pads enable users to combine the power of steel tracks with the properties of rubber.


What are the advantages of using rubber pads and track shoes?

There are multiple benefits achieved by using these products. Not only can you work more efficiently on finished surfaces, but you also extend the working life of the machine and ensure maximum returns on investment. The main advantages can be summarized as follows.

  • Quieter and smoother driving with improved operator comfort.
  • Less vibration resulting in reduced load on the undercarriage.
  • Improved safety during work.
  • Avoiding damage to hard surfaces or the machine's steel tracks.
  • Improved traction with enhanced grip on hard surfaces.


ITR rubber pads and shoes

ITR's rubber product line are suitable for standard applications on tracked vehicles up to 40 tons and they fall into four types.

  • Bolt-on rubber pads. 
  • Clip-on rubber pads.
  • Road-Liner type rubber shoes.
  • Standard type rubber shoes.

The different types can be more or less appropriate for use according to the operating requirements, making it important to have accurate information before purchasing. The details of how the four main ITR brand types differ are outlined below.


disegni pads ITR


Bolt-on rubber pads 


Pad ITR Bolt on RP154 350.58 450

ITR rubber Bolt-on pads are designed to be fitted to the steel track shoes already bolted onto the machine tracks. They are the same size as the shoes and are fitted using specially positioned holes to ensure a perfect fit. Our Bolt-on pads can be fixed using the threaded studs on the rear of the pads, which are bolted into holes already present in the steel shoes.


The bolt-on variety is the most popular, durable, and economical although taking longer to fit or replace compared to the clip-on type. It is the ideal solution for converting steel tracked machines to rubber padded tracks for semi-permanent operation or long jobs on finished surfaces or close to walls or kerbs.

Bolt-on pads provide a rigid base with the rear fixing bolts ensuring a secure fit and perfectly even profile. The complete lack of play between the rubber pads and steel shoes helps maintain an even wear pattern.


Clip-on rubber pads 


Pad ITR Clip on RP216 600


ITR's range of rubber Clip-on pads are designed for application on steel track shoes without fitting holes. They are fitted using side brackets (clips), considerably reducing the fitting time. This provides a cushion between the steel shoe and the contact surface, effectively creating a rubber tracked vehicle.

The pads adapt perfectly to the steel profile, they remain in position and resist vertical or lateral movements, preventing the accumulation of dirt between the two surfaces. Since they are not bolted, their main advantage is quick installation and the possibility of fitting while keeping an all steel track. 


Clip-on pads are designed to be the easiest to fit and remove, thanks to a lateral fitting mechanism. This makes it the best option for specific applications, for short-term use, or for rapidly converting a steel tracked vehicle so that it can be used on finished surfaces without causing damage.


Road-Liner rubber shoes

Roadliner ITR UW171C3L500

The ITR Road-Liner (or city pads) line for excavators represent the state-of-art in technological development. They are intended for use on roads and flat surfaces in work yards and industrial warehouses. Road-Liners consist of a steel plate coated with a layer of rubber and they are generally fixed directly onto the track chains as complete replacements for steel shoes.
In this way the rubber encloses the steel component of the tracks, providing protection if the track comes into contact with a hard finished surface.

Road-Liners are the most highly recommended and cheapest choice when the main aim is to protect the surfaces the machine is operating on.


Standard rubber shoe  


Pads ITR std gomma e poliuretano

The ITR Standard surfaced shoe line provide a mechanically tougher option to Road-Liners and are absolutely essential when working on uneven, uncompact surfaces or in the presence of rubble.

Made from tough elastic materials they are moulded and vulcanized directly onto Standard steel machine shoes, effectively becoming one with them.

The presence of the underlying steel shoe guarantees excellent resistance to bending and other loads generated by uneven, uncompact surfaces.

The presence of steel shoes result in higher costs compared to the plates used in the Road Liners, making these the most expensive items offered to date, but this is compensated by their superior performance.

Depending on the foreseen applications, ITR also offer a range of polyurethane coated shoes that can be used for machines with a high weight/support surface ratio, like for example cold milling machines.


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