Crushers, pulverisers, and shears: the right hydraulic equipment for every demolition job

Demolition Equipment - 03/02/2022

Each demolition job requires specific hydraulic equipment to achieve the best results and efficient work times.

ITR USCO can satisfy all demolition needs with a complete range of hydraulic equipment made with Hardox® and Strenx®, suitable for primary and secondary demolition as well as material handling for recycling.

Our hydraulic equipment is designed and manufactured specifically for: 

  • razing structures and buildings to the ground 

  • separating ferrous and cement based materials 

  • selecting and handling materials for site redevelopment

All of these operations require specialized equipment with the right characteristics to complete the operations quickly and effectively.

The right equipment for every type of demolition 


Attrezzature idrauliche USCO ITR 7         

Demolition can be conducted by different methods and with different equipment, and it can be total or partial.

During demolition it is possible to recover building materials for subsequent use.

When waste materials are being selected or separated for recovery we can apply a selective demolition approach, which ensures materials are disposed of in a way that facilitates subsequent reuse.

Hydraulic equipment is normally categorized according to three types of demolition:

  • primary demolition 

  • secondary demolition 

  • recycling 



Primary demolition
Primary demolition involves razing a structure or building to the ground. The most appropriate hydraulic equipment for this purpose includes:

- demolition crushers
- rotating pulverisers
- multifunction crushers fitted with the crusher kit 


For the demolition of steel structures, shears and multifunction crushers fitted with the shears kit are recommended.

Secondary demolition
Secondary demolition is the phase after primary demolition. It involves breaking up the demolished materials with the separation of rebar from the concrete in order to facilitate transport. The recommended hydraulic equipment for secondary demolition includes static and rotating pulverisers. 


Recycling involves selection and handling of demolition materials. By definition this generally means rubble and service system residues, including electrical cables. The main instruments used during this stage are grapples.


ITR hydraulic equipment: a range covering all requirements 


Attrezzature idrauliche USCO ITR 1         

Designed, built, and assembled entirely in Italy, ITR hydraulic equipmentcan handle all types of demolition and is constructed using extremely high quality patented materials including:

Hardox®: the toughest abrasion resistant (AR) metal plate in the world. This steel is extremely hard from surface to depth, providing outstanding durability and high productivity even in the most demanding conditions.

Strenx®: a high resistance steel for enhanced performance steel structures, making the equipment tough, light, safe, competitive, and sustainable.


ITR UNC series demolition crushers

Pinze demolitrici serie ITR UNC


UNC series demolition crushers are designed to satisfy the most severe demands of primary demolition and consist of:

  • structure in hard wearing HARDOX® and STRENX® steel

  • two hydraulic cylinders fitted in reverse to protect the rods from accidental impact 

  • built-in hydraulics enabling continuous 360° rotation in both directions for accurate and efficient positioning of the jaws under any operating conditions 

  • interchangeable reversible blades 

  • bolted teeth 


 Pinze demolitrici ITR UNC


UNF series static pulverisers ITR
Designed to best satisfy the needs of secondary demolition, UNF series static pulverisers are perfect for breaking up demolished materialsandseparating rebar from concrete for recycling. ITR static pulverisers consist of:

  • structure in HARDOX®

  • single cylinder fitted in reverse to protect the rod from accidental impact 

  • regenerative circuit fitted as standard, ensuring faster work 

  • interchangeable reversible blades 

  • bolted teeth 

ITR UNP series rotating pulverisers
UNP series rotating pulverisers are specifically designed for primary and secondary demolition. They are fitted with a regenerative circuit that enables quick opening and closing of the jaws when empty. They comprise:

  • structure in HARDOX®

  • standard 360° rotation for accurate positioning of the pulveriser under any operating conditions 

  • single cylinder fitted in reverse to protect the rod from accidental impact 

  • interchangeable reversible blades 

  • bolted teeth

Frantumatori girevoli ITR UNP


  • ITR UNM series multifunction crushers
    UNM series multifunction crushers offer maximum functionality and versatility. The main UNM structure can be fitted with numerous kits to satisfy any demolition requirements. The crushers consist of:

    • structure in HARDOX®

    • two hydraulic cylinders fitted in reverse to protect the rods from accidental impact 

    • regenerative circuit fitted as standard, ensuring faster work 

    • interchangeable reversible blades 

    • bolted teeth 


Pinze multifunzione ITR UNM


  • UNM series application kits
    The UNM series includes the following application kits designed for specific demolition contexts:

    • Pulveriser Kit, highly recommended for secondary demolition and separation of rebar from concrete.

    • Shears Kit, suitable for cutting ferrous materials, profile sections, pipes, storage tanks, and metal bodywork in general.

    • Crusher Kit, specifically designed for primary demolition and levelling reinforced concrete structures.

    • Universal Kit, designed for primary and secondary demolition, it is capable of simultaneously cutting rebar and concrete.

Kit applicativi ITR UNM


  • ITR UNS series shears
    UNS shears are designed for demolishing metal structures and cutting profile sections, pipes, plate metal, and metal bodywork in general. Their features include:


    • speed valve

    • 360° hydraulic rotation

    • cylinder fitted in reverse to protect the rod from accidental impact 

    • interchangeable trapezoidal blades to maintain a perfectly straight cutting edge

    • double adjustment for accurate blade alignment even under the most demanding conditions


Cesoie ITR serie UNS


  • ITR UNG series grapples
    UNG series grapples are suitable for work like demolishing brick and wood structures. They are also ideal for selecting demolition waste to facilitate recycling. The UNG series can be configured with two types of jaws, for selection or demolition. They are both characterized by: 

    • 360° hydraulic rotation 

    • hydraulic cylinder that ensures even movement 

    • interchangeable blades 

    • fall arrest valve


Pinze selezionatrici ITR UNG


Would you like to learn more about ITR hydraulic equipment?

Contact us for more details on the performance and features of our hydraulic equipment for demolition and recycling.


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