Essential, despite their small dimensions: Pins, Bushings, and Shims

Repair parts - 31/05/2024

When discussing earth moving machines, like excavators and bulldozers, people often focus on the most obvious major components, like engines or tracks. However, there are other critical elements that play a key role in the operation and duration of these machines: pins, bushings, and shim washers. 

These elements are essential for guaranteeing efficient and safe operation of earth moving machines. Let's look at them in more detail.

Pins: these are designed for connecting the moving parts of earth moving machines, allowing them to articulate in a controlled and coordinated way. For example, they are used on excavator arms to allow oscillation, and on bulldozer blade connections to regulate height or angle.

Bushings: these serve as bearings for pins. Fitted inside moving machine parts, bushings reduce friction and wear on the pins, allowing them to rotate without jamming. They are used on a variety of different machine types, including earth movers, agricultural devices, and industrial equipment.

Shim washers: also known as spacers, these serve to minimize play between stick and bucket, limiting wear on pins and bushings.

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How to extend the useful life of these components?

Below are a few suggestions for effective maintenance:

Regular lubrication: Apply suitable lubricants to pins and bushings according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This will reduce friction and wear, extending the operating life of the components.
Periodic inspections: Regularly check the condition of pins, bushings, and shims for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Immediately replace any worn or damaged components.
Preventive replacement: Schedule preventive replacement of pins, bushings, and shims according to hours of operation or the manufacturer's instructions. This can help to prevent unexpected faults and maintain optimum machine performance.
Cleaning: Keep pins, bushings, and shims clean and avoid accumulations of dirt, lubricant residues, or other deposits that might compromise the correct operation of the components.
Check tolerances: Ensure that the tolerances between pins and bushings are compliant. Components outside the dimensional tolerance ranges can cause premature wear and damage.
Following these recommendations and conducting routine preventive maintenance will help to extend the duration of pins, bushings, and shims on earth moving machines, keeping down repair costs and ensuring reliable operation over time.


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