Hammerless System

Ground Engaging Tools - 20/01/2021

How to install the teeth on a bucket quickly
and safely with the hammerless system

In the industry of spare parts for earthmoving equipment, Ground Engaging Tools (GETs), such as teeth and adapters, help increase productivity.

The quality, profile type, and durability of the materials, as well as the system used to replace and/or install them, can make a difference.

Regardless of the size, weight, or type, teeth are secured to the adapters on excavator and loader buckets by means of single pins or pins coupled with washers or other traditional retaining systems that involve the use of a hammer.  However, there is an innovative and more beneficial alternative, which consists of a hammerless locking system.

What type of equipment is the hammerless system suitable for?

The hammerless locking system can be applied to any equipment. However, it is particularly suitable for securing large and heavy teeth and adapters. Both of them can be easily found on mining and quarrying excavators, where the use of hammers can be extremely hard and dangerous due to refractory materials and sparks resulting from the continuous blows.

Advantages of the hammerless system compared to the traditional ones.

This system provides at least three advantages.

  1. Ease of use: you don’t need to buy specific tools. Operators can use a standard socket wrench to handle this locking system. Moreover, there are much fewer items to keep in the inventory.
  2. Improved safety: operators using tools other than a hammer, such as a socket wrench, don’t need to put particular effort. Moreover, this system doesn’t produce refractory materials or sparks, thus reducing the risk of injuries.
  3. Increased savings: assembling the teeth to the adapters can be completed sooner and by one operator alone. This way, you reduce downtime, cut costs, and increase productivity.

Example of assembly using an ITR Usco-patented hammerless system

For the sake of clarity, we provide the assembling instructions for the ITR Usco-patented“UNIK Hammerless” system

The fastening kit consists of 4 items:

Kit fissaggio Unik Hammerless2

a. UNIK teeth, which can be applied to any adapter without making modifications. These teeth feature an innovative self-sharpening profile that ensures high performance and a longer lifecycle (20-30% longer than other teeth); 

b. a pin;

c. a plastic cover;

d. two T-retainers.


1. The first step consists in inserting the two T-retainers into the tooth spot (Fig. 1 and 2)

Fig2. 1 e 2

2. Push the T-retainers against the pocket tooth wall (Fig. 3)

Step 3 Sistema Hammerless

3. Apply the tooth to the adapter and insert the pin so that it adheres to the T-retainers (Fig. 4, 5 and 6).

Step 4 5 6 Sistema Hammerless2


4. With a socket wrench, secure the tooth to its adapter, rotating it by 90° (clockwise or anticlockwise) until it clicks (Fig. 7 and 8). 


Step 7 8 Sistema Hammerless2

5. Once you have secured the tooth to its adapter, apply the plastic cover to protect the pin. The machine is now ready to run.


Want to know more about the ITR Usco-patented Hammerless system? 

Contact us if you are looking for an alternative system for securing teeth and adapters while reducing downtime, improving safety, and increasing productivity! 

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