ITR portable polyethylene tanks

Fuel tanks - 15/02/2023

Some vehicles have difficulty reaching fuel supply points outside their areas of operation, making it necessary to design efficient and versatile portable polyethylene fuel tanks.

The ITR range of polyethylene tanks perfectly satisfies the need to transport fuel, providing different capacities and shapes, while taking great care in the selection of high quality materials, and safety.

Fuel transport for on-site refueling is a common requirement across multiple sectors. Tractors, excavators, helicopters, and inflatable boats are all examples of vehicles that often pose complicated problems or even the impossibility of having standard refueling stations on-site. Instead, fuel has to be transported in a practical, quick, and safe way to ensure continuous operation.

This necessity has made fuel transport an ever more pressing issue, resulting in a genuine niche market that has evolved significantly over the years. To satisfy this growing demand, USCO ITR have designed and produced a whole range of extremely versatile portable fuel tanks.


Characteristics of ITR portable fuel tanks

The ITR fuel tank development project started from an analysis of the most suitable materials to ensure durability and safety, combined with an in-depth conceptualization of design features and portability. USCO ITR were particularly attracted to the choice of polyethylene as a construction material. It is lighter than steel and has a number of advantages including:

  • Easy handling.

  • Resistance to impact and shock.

  • Resistance to high and low temperatures.

  • Suitable for containing diesel, petrol, and AdBlue®.


In addition to these significant characteristics, portable linear polyethylene fuel tanks can be made by rotational molding in capacities ranging from 55 to 900 liters to match the dimensional requirements of diverse vehicle types.

These tanks offer multiple handling options, for example:

  • Wheels on the smaller tanks.

  • Forklift grooves.

  • Handles for lifting when empty.

  • Seatings designed to house straps for fixing to a support base.

Types of ITR portable polyethylene fuel tanks

The ITR range includes different configurations to ensure versatile fuel transport, adaptable to different situations. 


Italcaddy are tanks intended for transporting small quantities of diesel, petrol, or AdBlue®. They are wheel mounted and available in capacities of 55 and 110 liters.


ITR Italcaddy

The ItalTank family is instead the most numerous and widely requested of all portable polyethylene fuel tanks. The capacities available for transporting diesel are 220, 330, and 440 liters. 


ITR Italtank


The Pickup version with capacities of 330 and 440 liters extends our diesel transport range. The shape was specially designed to fit the aerodynamic lines and internal form of pickup cargo beds. 


ITR Pickup Tank

Finally, again in polyethylene, USCO ITR offer Hippotank: a practical and easy to handle 960 liter portable fuel tank for worksites and other situations requiring large quantities of fuel.


ITR Hippotank

If you also need to transport fuel on-site and would like to know more about ITR's range of portable polyethylene fuel tanks, contact us and we will give you all the information you require!


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