Track One: made-to-measure production combined with big manufacturing capacity

Corporate - 13/07/2022

Track One is a company in the USCO ITR Group based in Modena that has made the design and production of complete undercarriage systems their core business.

In just under 20 years, Track One have established a considerable manufacturing capacity, ensuring complete reliability for the supply chain.

Founded in 2005 in Modena, Track One has become a global yardstick in the world of tracked drive systems. On the strength of their outstanding R&D capacity in the sector, right from the start they stood out as solid and reliable partners for OEM customers involved in all civil tracked vehicle applications. 

As an undercarriage engineering centre within the USCO ITR Group, their experience designing components and frames extends to all sizes and all market segments. The Track One engineers have an in-depth knowledge of the systems and components they design, realizing products capable of overcoming the harsh demands of real world applications.


A reliable partner for any technical and productive challenge

The track frames and complete undercarriages designed by Track One are conceived according to the specific needs of each single customer. Together with their highly characterizing engineering and technological profile focused on special applications, the company combines constant investments to increase productivity.

Today their production capacity is up to 8000 systems per year, operating in a total work space of 18,000 m2 and with the objective of continuing to grow. This places Track One among the biggest assembly sites in the USCO ITR Group enabling them, together with their customers, to exploit any opportunities that the market might offer, even the most challenging.

Despite their substantial growth, Track One has still maintained an agile and streamlined structure, capable of responding with the flexible and quick response times required by substantial operators, as well as smaller companies working in niche markets.  


Experience and quality for a reliable managed supply chain 

Another distinctive feature of Track One is the possibility of using the range of components manufactured by ITR producers. The first advantage of this is vertical control of the specifications of each product through the entire process. Furthermore, supply from ITR producers guarantees continuity even in the most complicated macroeconomic periods. Track One products also benefit from the global scale of the Group's extensive distribution network, minimizing the risk of line shut-downs and routine maintenance costs.

Strict and rigorous checks are conducted during all stages of production, ensuring that Track One products are compliant with the high quality standards requested by customers. Their quality focus has been recognized in the form of ISO 9001 certification, and traceability is guaranteed 100%. Each assembled component is assigned a unique serial number recorded in the company's electronic database, making it possible to identify and monitor products throughout their operating life. 


Track One's product range 

Track One's product portfolio includes steel and rubber options for side-frame systems, complete rigid or extendable systems, tilting options, and niche application solutions like tunnelling, amphibious, and underwater machines. The main product line includes:

1. Side-frame undercarriages

sottocarri con longherone

2. Undercarriages with central body

 sottocarri con corpo centrale


3. Extendible undercarriages

sottocarri estendibili


4. Special undercarriages

sottocarri speciali


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