HSM: tailor-made buckets for extreme conditions

Buckets - 15/06/2023

Each working condition is unique, so buckets must be equally as unique to guarantee the best performance in terms of load capacity and wear life.

All HSM buckets and attachments are manufactured exclusively in UK based manufacturing facilities part of the USCO ITR group and are designed to perform in some of the harshest environments in the world.


The main location is a large facility dedicated to the manufacture, assembly and testing of, construction, mining and quarrying buckets. In order to meet and exceed customer’s expectations, HSM (Hi-Spec Manufacturing) performs thorough in-house quality assurance and inspections that ensure accurate standards through the whole production process and improve part-to-part repeatability. This ensures HSM can provide bespoke bucket solutions from small scale Backhoes to large Face Shovels and Loaders that are specific to our customers and their machines.

HSM involves the custo

mer from the initial design to installation to ensure the finished bucket is built to maximize load performance and to ensure customer satisfaction. The process starts with design and follows through to final product manufacturing. The Engineering Team perform continuous verification of the processes to ensure full compliance with specifications. HSM’s Engineering Team constantly interacts with Group Engineering and R&D departments as well as with suppliers’ Engineering Teams, aiming to produce a high-class quality product and continuous process improvement. HSM works with customers to bring their product visions to life quickly and profitably.

The long-standing successful business relationships with OEM customers attest to HSM’s value as one of the industry leaders in Bucket & Attachment manufacturing. 

HSM uses SSAB Hardox®️ steel in all extreme and super extreme duty buckets and on all tailor made buckets, as it grants an exceptional mixture of hardness and strength leading to lighter products, abrasion resistance and with enhanced performance and extended durability. 

HSM also offers a complte bucket repair service for all sizes and types of buckets, for both excavators and loading shovels. The materials in the bucket repairs match or exceed the quality of the original bucket and HSM guarantees a fast turnaround to avoid machine downtime.


Excavator buckets 

Excavator buckets HSM manufactures standard, heavy duty and extreme excavator buckets for use in a range of applications. HSM’s excavator buckets are tailored to your environment, whether it is for bulk excavation, or something more specific. Each bucket is unique and is custom built using different GET systems, materials, digging profiles and head fitments.


Loader buckets

Loader buckets Site conditions vary, and very often an off the shelf option is not the best choice: HSM loader buckets are specifically designed to match the required application. The best combination of capacity, weight saving and wear life is ensured. The HSM range includes lightweight GP loader buckets, steel slag handling buckets, through to mining buckets working in some of the hardest mines in the world.


Face shovel buckets

Face Shovel buckets HSM face shovel buckets are manufactured in Sunderland, UK using only the best quality components available. As proof of the long experience and extensive knowledge, HSM buckets have been designed and built for the largest face shovel excavators operating in the world including the Komatsu PC8000, PC5500, Hitachi EX5600 and EX3600.


Pulverisers HSM mechanical pulverisers are used in some of the UK’s harshest demolition applications and have an excellent reputation for their strength and durability. A simple but effective design means that the operator can rely on the attachment to get the job done.




Dredging buckets

Dredging buckets HSM has designed and manufactured buckets for some of the world’s largest dredging excavators. HSM includes the customer from initial design to machine fitment to ensure the finished bucket is made to maximise load performance.






Rippers and ripper buckets

Rippers Ripper Buckets HSM heavy duty ripper attachments are made for the toughest wearing conditions. Rippers can be fitted with a range of ground engaging tools depending on customer preference. With a stock of heavy gauge structural and impact resistant steels, the options are almost unlimited. Rippers and ripper buckets rely on high levels of structural integrity, which is achieved by selecting the right design and the right choice of material.



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