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Corporate - 02/03/2021

The ITR Usco distribution model
in favour of environmental sustainability 

Promoting environmental sustainability is a major objective for the future, and for companies it represents not only a duty towards our planet and future generations, but a real opportunity for growth, development, and competitiveness. 

ITR Usco contributes to achieving this objective through a virtuous distribution model, which in 2020 enabled savings of 3,338 tons of CO2, a figure that by comparison represents the annual energy needs of a town of 13,000 inhabitants, or a car journey of more than 22 million km.

The global challenge of sustainability

The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is an action plan for people, the planet, and prosperity signed by the 193 member nations of the UN in 2015.
Goal 13 of the Agenda aims to reduce the impact of climate change, the effects of which could make our planet unsuitable for human life. One of the most worrying aspects of climate change is global warming, closely linked to increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

According to the Paris Agreement, global emissions need to be reduced by about 50% within 2030 (relative to the levels in 2010), finally achieving zero net emissions within 2050. Furthermore, in order to avoid irreversible consequences, the rise in global temperature has to be kept below 2 °C.

This objective requires rapid and wide-ranging actions in the sectors of energy, infrastructure, and industrial and urban systems. A logistics oriented towards environmental protection is an important starting point.

ITR Usco's response: a virtuous distribution model

ITR Usco has been meeting this challenge already for some time through an extensive distribution network across the strategic areas of their reference markets all around the world.

This model involves transport of goods from the production sites in the Far East directly to distribution hubs located on all the continents, eliminating intermediate transit through the central warehouse in Modena. The individual distribution sites represent substantial stockholdings in each territory, matching the demands of each reference market.

Avoiding triangulation of goods through Italy offers significant savings in terms of CO2, time, costs, and global logistics management.



With its 73,000 m2, including 25,000 m2 covered, the central warehouse in Modena remains the largest in the world as regards earth mover aftermarket spare parts, and it is the nerve centre for their European distribution.

In addition to this main storehouse, today ITR Usco can count on major international distribution hubs, each with its own distribution sites for the respective geographical areas:

  • ITR Africa
  • ITR America (New York, Georgia, Texas, Nevada, Washington)
  • ITR Benelux
  • ITR Middle East
  • ITR Pacific
  • ITR South America
  • Intramex
  • BYG (Valencia, Barcelona)
  • MST


Distribution Hub ITR Usco2


The largest ITR Usco distribution hubs after Modena are ITR America, ITR Middle East, and ITR Africa.

  • ITR America has 20 sites, including two central bases in Jackson (Mississippi) and Hobart (Indiana). Of these, 13 also operate as distribution sites (11 in the United States and 2 in Canada). The supply range concentrates mainly on undercarriage components, G.E.T. parts, rubber tracks, and repair parts for earth moving machines.

  • ITR Middle East operates from a base in Dubai distributing undercarriage components, G.E.T. parts, tyres, and lubricating oil right across the Middle East, India, and South East Asia.

  • ITR Africa was established with a first central site in Johannesburg, South Africa, later expanding to Namibia (Windhoek) and Zambia (Kitwe), significantly extending its range of action. They are specialized in undercarriage components, G.E.T. parts and repair parts, today their distribution network includes 10 warehouses across the three states.


The advantage for customers is being able to count on reduced logistical costs and quick, efficient distribution of the ITR product lines throughout the world. The advantage for the environment, and therefore for everyone, is a significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and a more rational management of available resources.

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