Bulldog® Gaskets: OE quality

Corporate - 06/07/2021

The Bulldog® company, purchased in 2018 by ITR America, is a leading brand in the gaskets sector for engines, transmissions, and hydraulic applications.

Founded in 1957 in Tampa, Florida, and today an integral part of the ITR Usco Group, Bulldog® stands out above all for the excellent quality of its gaskets, suited to diverse applications (ranging through heavy construction, mining, forestry, road building, etc.). 

  • Along with more than 60 years of success, the company is also distinguished by highly skilled technical support and dedicated customer care, supported by a wide network of distributors in more than 50 countries in North and South America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and the Pacific zone.

    Bulldog® can boast a production of about 60 thousand gaskets compatible with numerous machine brands (Cat®, Case®, John Deere®, Komatsu®, International®, Terex®, Fiat Allis®, Dynahoe®, Champion®, Clark Michigan®, Unit Rig®, Euclid and Wabco®), and 12 thousand items in stock

    This extensive range includes gaskets specifically designed for complex and critical hydraulic seal applications including:

    • Rod U-seal gaskets 
    • Rod wiper seal gaskets 
    • Piston seal gaskets 
    • Wear resistant rings 
    • Sealing rings 
    • Back-up rings 
    • Vee-packings


Engine Overhaul Kit 1         Hydraulics Seal Kit6


The catalogue also includes soft gaskets, reinforced gaskets, and other sealing elements routinely replaced together with gaskets, like for example, oil seals, O-rings, and other elastomeric products. 


Bulldog®: materials that make the difference




BULLDOG OE blackborder


All the products in the range are developed with very careful selection of materials according to the specific demands of each application. Unlike other companies who favour plastic materials like PEEK and PAI, Bulldog® is the only aftermarket supplier who uses Vespel® (SP-1 and SCP-5000)for the production of transmission rings. This very versatile material is used by OE manufacturers and combines the properties of plastic, ceramic, and metal with high wear and creep resistance for very demanding applications. The difference between these materials when subjected to temperature variations is enormous, as can be seen in the following video.


Pre-assembled Bulldog® gasket kits and customized packaging


 ITR Usco Bulldog Kit 1   ITR Usco Bulldog Kit 2   ITR Usco Bulldog Kit 3


Bulldog are able to assemble their components into kits and other customized packages to satisfy the particular repair and maintenance needs of customers, who also have the option of specific package codes to provide savings on overall product costs, while simplifying the process of purchasing, reception, quality control, and storage.


The importance of entrusting your choice of gaskets to specialized suppliers

Temperature, pressure, composition of the retained fluid, and mechanical loading are all factors to consider when choosing the right gasket. Identifying the best design and materials for each specific application helps to avoid failure and extend the useful life of sealing elements, keeping down maintenance operations and associated costs. If you are looking for a reference supplier who is able to guide you through the choice of gaskets, you can be confident in ITR Usco and Bulldog® quality.


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