Engine cylinder head: functions and characteristics for high performance

Repair parts - 15/03/2023

The cylinder head is a complex but essential part of any internal combustion engine that determines the performance of the vehicle. Due to this critical role the design stage for the cylinder head is extremely important.

On the strength of their mechanical experience, USCO ITR design and supply complete, stress resistant cylinder heads fully compatible with OEM products.

The cylinder head is a specific unmoving feature of all types of internal combustion engines. Located at the top of the engine, it is fixed to the engine block using critical or captive screws that ensure accurate calibration and seal. It is the most highly loaded element in the engine.

Its main role is to enclose the top of the cylinders and its component parts are subject to high temperatures and pressures. Technical faults in the cylinder head compromise the operation of the entire engine.



What the cylinder head looks like

The cylinder head forms the upper ceiling of the combustion chamber above each of the pistons, together with the spark plug sockets, and injector holders. The intake and exhaust ducts hoses also converge in the cylinder head with associated valves, guides, and return springs.

In many cases the upper section provides supports for one or two camshafts, bucket tappets, or rocker arms. The cylinder head also includes the ducts required for circulation of fluid coolant. 

In addition to blocking the cylinders, another function of the cylinder head is thermal insulation: while the engine side gets very hot (up to 300°C), the external side needs to remain relatively cool. The cylinder head absorbs about 70% of the heat generated by the engine and has to resist high levels of thermal and mechanical stress

For this reason, and according to the required applications, normally a cylinder head is made in iron alloy or aluminium as a lighter option with greater thermal conductivity.

Since it is such a complex engine component that plays such a crucial role, its design requires considerable time and extreme precision in the realization of the different elements, combined with great experience in the mechanical sector.


The design of ITR cylinder heads 

USCO ITR can boast a long and consolidated experience in the design and realization of mechanical components, including complete cylinder heads. Despite being a fixed engine component, every cylinder head is made to measure for the required characteristics, dimensions, and weight.

When designing a cylinder head, the form of the combustion chamber and the arrangement and shape of the intake and exhaust ducts hoses partially determine the performance of the engine and emission levels. It is necessary to take the mechanical and thermal loading of the cylinder head into account, with adequate sizing and effective cooling ducts.

The conformation of the cylinder head defines the compression ratio and makes it possible to optimize combustion inside the combustion chambers to be faster and more complete. This improves the yield and performance of the engine, enhancing the exploitation of combustion energy.

The dimensions of complete ITR cylinder heads always match those of the OEM products. The complete components supplied by our company are pre-assembled and ready for use with all valves, springs, and necessary accessories.

This type of assembly requires checking of valve seats with a vacuometer to ensure a vacuum pressure below the required millibars. USCO ITR also carefully clean all the components before assembly in order to ensure high supply quality.


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