ITR pumps: high performance and reliability

Repair parts - 03/08/2021

Thanks to careful design, technological innovation, and strict process controls, ITR pumps have always been synonymous with high quality.

With an annual production capacity of 60 thousand pumps, including oil and transmission pumps, high pressure hydraulic pumps, water and fuel transfer pumps, ITR offers one of the most complete ranges for earth moving machines.

ITR pumps start life inside the ITR Meccanica production sites where a technical section sensitive to market needs, constant investment in research and development, state-of-art technical equipment, and above all strict quality control ensure compliance with high reliability and performance standards. 

After assembling the pump components each unit is subjected to a rigorous cycle of trial runs and tests before leaving the plant. These are conducted internally on test benches specific to each type of pump and provide optimization and assessment of the final product in relation to the technical specifications. Only pumps that satisfy all the tests are considered compliant and released onto the market.


Each pump manufactured is uniquely identified with a progressive serial number and an associated technical sheet showing the tests conducted and relative technical specifications to provide complete traceability, also in the after sales period.


Explore the range of ITR pumps


ITR can boast a range of over 400 types of pumps compatible with Caterpillar®, Komatsu®, Hitachi®, Hyundai®, and Volvo® earth moving machines. See all the models.



Pompe di carica per convertitore di coppia_Itr Usco

 Scavenge pumps



Pompe ad ingranaggi_ITR Usco

 Gear pumps




Pompe olio motore_Itr Usco

 Oil pumps




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